Sunday, October 20, 2013

charge against Infosys in U.S

 Read this report -   Hindu news paper , it talks of  allegations by its American employees charging Infosys with Bias and discrimination against them - Isn't that routine in India ., perhaps part of daily life in office spaces where bullying and blackmailing is done in  chilling silence !

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

water problems in India - shocking truths - Videos

Water Problems in India - Poor Management by government

For India to compete in the 21st century , one thing seems to be if not the only crucial thing is environment.
Environment that relates to nature (its flora and fauna) , infrastructure and the eco system and most importantly water.

Due to inadequate scientific planning and ruthless usage of ground level water , the water levels in north india, Deccan plateau have decreased considerably , thus making lives of industries, agriculture more miserable , affecting livelyhoods of people .

according to NASA's  Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) program cities like Jaipur and Delhi have literally low water levels and most of the large indian states depend upon ground level water supplies to boost agricultural productivity, which has not only destroyed the ground level water system but also casted a shadow on future survival  agricultural economy and its allied industries.

In states like andhra pradesh , Hyderabad and rayalaseema are most effected due to ruthless dugging of ground level waters without any compensating offsetting natural water resources from forests,  resorviors and water conservation systems, ancient water resorvoirs have become void due to population explosion and exploitive use for industrial purpose.

its been said areas at Hyderabad city like Patanchervu, BHEL hardly have any water left in the underground  and most of the small lakes surrounding Hyderabad are virtually getting extinct due to criminal negligence of bureaucrats and politician nexus for allegedly allotting lands and construction approvals on surrounding areas of lakes.

In the state of Maharashtra's Marathwada area , there has been continous drought , leading to poor economic output both industrial as well as agrarian.

Educating the masses, scientific planning of constructing Dams , irrigation projects and water conservation projects alone can save India for competing in the future , otherwise , India may not realise its Dream of rejuvenating the indian masses 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mapping the Deccan region

The Muslim rule in india did not start with Mughals as it is widely perceived , there are less sources or perhaps very little written about pre mughal muslims or rather Islamic Sultantes that ruled india during 1100 AD to 1500 AD , what is intereting is that these rulers came from far away regions like Turkey, Iran and central asia.
Bhaman shahi in Karnataka - Bidar
Alauddin Khilji -
Mohammed Bin Tuglaq
Qutub shahis in Hyderabad (southern India)

all these Kingdoms rose during the early medieval times prior to mughal consolidation, what i thought is that there is an interesting aspect as far as popularising tourism in this region especially by mapping regions of Deccan covering the aurangabad marathwada region of Maharashtra , Bidar, raichur , Bijapur of Karnataka and Hyderabad of Telangana region (presently under andhra state).

Questions like - who were the kings, How come Islam never became state religion in their kingdoms, what was their life style , what is the significance of Daultabad , what is the style of architecture ...sounds interesting but it is value for money if someone visits and maps these places as an ardent admirer of History

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Aurangabad Diary - 1

Here are some of My experiences of Aurangabad visit which indeed deserves to be a great tourist Destination of Deccan region first up are Ajanta Caves the great heritage site and indeed the symbol of Buddhism in India :-

Friday, September 30, 2011

A tragedy called UPA

The UPA government led by Manmohan singh has been a biggest disaster and a shame to country like india, Even though it has got a sound mandate , but its leadership lacks competence and gut feeling as far as taking decisions on public policy , defence and foreign policy are concerned . The record of its governance bears testimony to its deeds and pathetic conduct . Several of its Union ministers have been accused of gross manipulation, corruption and nepotism.

Dangerous scams which impact security , law and order have been unearthed by CBI and other investigating agencies and these include 2G scam, antrix scam by ISRO, Adarsh scam, common wealth games scam, cash for money scam . And unaccounted accumulation of wealth from Ministries of Agriculture , Ministry of aviation etc. The leadership currently running this mammoth nation is incompetent - for example Sonia Gandhi commands neither good oratory or negotiation skills nor the Prime Minister Manmohan singh never been elected for any office not even that of a municipal counselor ! Both do not possesses the language the masses of India use in their day to day life ! The congress party runs clearly with a mindset of conducting praise melas in the name of Gandhi family Dynasty and a false propaganda of Secularism and development - on the contrary it divides the local politics in the name of caste and religion by inducting powerful classes as mascots of poor .

it is also India's misfortune that its opposition parties are not much dynamic as they ought to be , they are clearly divided on the basis of their ideology and political interests. Only dynamic leadership coupled with strong regulations in law making process would enable India to compete globally as responsible country and as nation which is just humane (as Manmohan puts it )